Our Interview In LiveTrips.gr

Our interview in LiveTrips.gr

While in our overland trip through South America we were asked by our good friend Manolis Kyriakopoulos to be interviewed for LiveTrips.gr. We came across Livetrips by accident and while we had already started the present exhibition in our attempt to…

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...|.. STUPID PASSES ..|...      <<NEWS FLASH>>CURRENT SCORE 9 EACH !! <<NEWS FLASH >> Invented in Mykonos in July 2014 the month before I jumped from living and managing 5 star resorts around the world for over 13 years to…

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Diesel & Fuel Issues In Bolivia

Diesel & Fuel Issues in Bolivia

Although this topic has been mentioned many times and probably read even more on the internet, based on our own personal experience and after reading a similar article by tuckstruck.net we decided to put together this tip post about foreign…

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